Resilience During Coronavirus


During these unprecedented times, we are being asked to make drastic changes to how we live our lives. Vigilance and practical precautions are essential. Becoming psychologically distressed is not, and only exacerbates our experience. Understandably, many of us have a strong emotional reaction to the changes ahead.

Future Perfect: Tense or Relaxed

A Tyler Wilson Viewpoint on preparing for life after partnership

Having stepped away from being partners in law firms, we now do work that we love for clients whom we like very much. Five years ago, neither of us knew that we would be where we are in our work or in our lives.

In this Viewpoint, we offer reflections, from our own experience and from our coaching, on how to make the most of the end of a career in private practice. This deserves space in every partner’s schedule, because it can benefit both the firm and the individual

Lasting the Course

A Tyler Wilson Viewpoint on mental fitness

It is by no means easy to work at peak performance throughout a 35-year career – especially when the challenge is not just to sustain your levels but to keep on improving them. In this Viewpoint, we collaborate with Dr. Laura Haigh to take a look at mental fitness as the key to professional longevity.

Going from Strength to Strength

A Tyler Wilson Viewpoint on assembling new leadership teams

Spring is the season for starting over: when financial dials are reset to zero, partnerships parade their new growth, and management boards are joined at the table by new faces. This Viewpoint considers the challenge of assembling new leadership teams: how to find a formula that lets you play to each other’s strengths, rather than just relying on your own.

Identifying your Corner 

A Tyler Wilson Viewpoint on Law Firm Strategy

How do you ensure that your Firm stands out in a noisy, crowded sector? What gives your business the edge against the competition and what helps you to help your clients?

Leading from Within

A Tyler Wilson Viewpoint on the importance of Practice Group Management

We share our views on the importance of the role of Head of Department. It is at this level that most impact can be made on the day to day activities of partners to advance the business. It is where the ‘rubber hits the road’ in terms of execution of law firm strategy.

Changing of the Guard

A Tyler Wilson Viewpoint on preparing for leadership

It’s the time of year again when leaders in law firms reach the end of their terms of office, and new hands prepare to take the helm.  This Viewpoint suggests ways to hit the ground running – whether you are new to being a member of a partnership council, leading a team or practice group or running a firm.  What do you need to know in order to carry out your new job successfully and effectively?  What needs to be prioritised and what should you be prepared to delegate? Who is there to support you?

Taking the Helm

A Tyler Wilson report into the challenges facing new law firm leaders

In order to research the challenges facing new leaders in law firms, we interviewed some 40 Managing Partners of UK based law firms. We explored the personal challenges they faced, the sources of support they sought and things that they might have done differently. This report is the output from our research.

Are You Actually Listening?

An article by James Wilson on the impact of his learning to listen more carefully?

James thought he had spent 30 years as a lawyer listening carefully to his clients. He learned from his training as a Business Coach, however, that he had not really been listening at all. This article explores his wife’s question:  “Do you find people more interesting now that you are actually listening to them?”

How to Stay on Top

A Tyler Wilson Viewpoint on Law Firm Governance

We make ten suggestions for Managing Partners reviewing their firm’s governance structure.

Partner Career Transition

A paper exploring the taboo subject of when and how partners transition out of their firms at the close of their careers

With many partners wanting to work until they are older, there is a business need for firms to have an open dialogue with each partner about their plans for retiring from the firm and what they might wish to do thereafter. This paper explores the issues for the firm and for the partners concerned and explains how Tyler Wilson can assist.

It’s Not Just About the Money

A Tyler Wilson Viewpoint on spiralling Associates’ Pay

Over recent months, associates’ pay has occupied many column-inches. In this Viewpoint, we consider options for a firm that wants to offer a competitive package to its associates without simply matching top rates of pay.

We believe that this not about what you pay and reward people for, but about values, culture and strategy, and which of a panoply of non-financial levers you choose to pull.