Mental Fitness

We work in a number of ways to support senior lawyers with their mental fitness and resilience

In our Viewpoint – Lasting the Course, we discuss the challenges of sustaining mental fitness over the course of a career in the law.

We prefer the term ‘mental fitness’ to ‘mental health’: as with physical fitness, there are activities and behaviours that can improve and maintain mental fitness over time. Being mentally ‘fit’ reduces the risk of a deterioration in mental health.

We work closely with Dr. Laura Haigh, a Chartered Clinical Psychologist and CBT Therapist, to provide support in this area to senior lawyers.


We combine Dr. Laura Haigh’s clinical experience of working with senior professionals with our own understanding of what is needed to sustain high performance over the course of a career in the law.

We offer bespoke workshops, focusing on firms’ particular needs, combining a number of modules:

Mental Health Awareness – helping senior lawyers to identify signs of problems in their teams and in themselves; normalising conversations and building tangible action plans.

The Gym for the Mind – introducing the basic CBT model as a tool to break the potentially harmful cycle connecting thoughts, feelings, physical sensations and behaviour.

Sustained high performance and Resilience – practical tips on embedding good habits, cognitive agility and a growth mindset, together with positive psychology techniques.


Where issues arise in the course of our coaching assignments that warrant a therapy-based intervention, clients can refer to Dr. Laura Haigh.


Embedding learning from the workshops.

Identifying and overcoming setbacks to ensure a sustained commitment to the ‘Gym for the Mind’ techniques.

Ensuring that the Mental Fitness workshops instil long-lasting change, not just short-term enthusiasm.

Dr. Laura Haigh

Chartered Clinical Psychologist & CBT Therapist

+44 (0)7799 641653

Laura has significant experience of working with senior people dealing with the challenges of sustained high performance in professional services firms

We work closely with Laura in the area of Mental Fitness. We run workshops for senior lawyers on sustaining mental wellbeing. Laura is also available for referrals where clients identify in the course of a coaching assignment that there may be issues hindering their progress that would benefit from therapy-based support.